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Luxurious Body Polish -- $80
(with crushed walnut shells)
Cleanse, polish, and protect your skin. Extracts, gently buffs away dull skin cells, and unclogs pores rejuvenating your skin creating the ultimate healthy glow, as well as strengthening elasticity and replenishing moisture loss.

Luxurious Body Polish & Massage -- $160

(60 minutes)
Massage - Exfoliation treatment leaves your body and skin refreshed and smooth.

Center yourself Body Wrap -- $180
(70 minutes)
This anti-aging treatment will hydrate and firm your skin, reduce sun damage and eradicate signs of acne, while replenishing vitamins in your body revitalizing your skin and eliminating toxins

Nourishing Mineral Seaweed Mud Wrap -- $170
 (70 minutes)
Seaweed body mud uses a massage style application with a hydrating and detoxifying effect.

Natural Herbal Body Wrap -- $170

(70 minutes)
Many herbal extracts, valued for their medicinal and aromatic qualities, have been used since ancient times as healing agents, stimulants, and relaxants. 

Anti-cellulite Body Twist -- $180
(70 minutes)
An anti-cellulite treatment focusing on the thighs, hips, and lower belly.  Each session includes cellulite treatment mask customized for your body type, circulatory stimulants, and detoxifying algae mud.  We finish the treatment with a massage to assist in the reshaping of the targeted areas.  For the best results, a series is recommended. 

Sunkiss Body Bronzing -- $150
Our self-tanning treatment begins with a full body sea-slat exfoliation followed by an expert application of smoothing, satin-bronzing cream.